Archaeologists from Poznań exploring the Piast stronghold in Grzybów


Archaeologists from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań discovered a church and a cemetery in the city of Grzybów. After 11 years they resumed the research to explain the secrets of the largest city in the Piasts’ domain.

The researchers hope that the work will explain in part the mystery of the location of a huge city Grzybów located between Gniezno and Giecz. This early medieval stronghold, built in the first decades of the tenth century was the largest city of this type in the Piasts’ domain. The four-hectare castle was by half bigger than Lednica and Giecz, and Gniezno reached such dimension only in the 11th century.

Why did such a huge fortress function only a hundred years? What were the circumstances of its fall? Why was it created here? Who raised it and what was the reason? – answers to these questions can be provided by excavations conducted by Dr. Marcin Danielewski from the Institute of Archeology. The project received funding from the National Science Center within the Opus 13 program.

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