Composite wheels awarded Eagle of Innovation Startup in the “Rzeczpospolita” competition


The project of the Fibratech company won the Award Eagle of Innovation Startup, in the category “Groundbreaking Technology” within the newspaper “Rzeczpospolita” competition. The Fibratech develops business in the automotive industry in the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia.

The jury awarded the main prize to the company for designing an ultralight, composite car wheel. The parkers’ project from Gdynia outclasses competition solutions by 15% lighter weight and 30 percent higher hardness of the wheel.

The purpose of the Eagle of Innovation competition Startup is to select and reward the best Polish startups offering innovative products / services or running operations in an innovative way.

The competition is also to promote good practices in the area of innovation and support the young, dynamically developing Polish enterprises. The competition is organized by the paper “Rzeczpospolita” daily, with Google as the strategic partner.

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