Conference on material remnants of World War II in Gdansk


Scientific Department of the Museum of World War II in cooperation with the Provincial Office for the Protection of Historic Monuments in Gdańsk will hold a conference “Material remnants of conflicts and crimes of the 20th century in the light of the latest archaeological research”. The conference will take place at the Gdańsk Museum on June 14 and 15.

The lectures will be presented by 23 speakers from academic centers and museums from Poland and Ukraine. Participants will present the results of their work and new directions of their activities. They will also present the opportunities and threats associated with the use of acquired artifacts.
Among the issues there are planned to be discussed exhumation and archaeological works in Ukraine and in the vicinity of the Rawka and the Bzura, other discoveries made during road constructions and results of research conducted in Polish maritime areas. There are planned lectures on issues linked to the archeology – such as its reception in the media.