Dr Arkadiusz Gorzawski to hold a lecture at the University of Silesia


The University of Silesia invites participants to a lecture by Dr Arkadiusz Gorzawski. A scientist working at the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva will deliver an open lecture entitled “Aliens from Space. Mysterious traces of particles.”

The electromagnetic waves of particles of enormous energy that reach the Earth and accelerate to the velocity of light, bombard our planet continuously. About 90 percent particles falling into the atmosphere are protons, 9 percent are alpha particles and about 1 percent are electrons. There are also few nuclei of heavy elements.

Despite the fact that primary radiation is absorbed in the atmosphere, a huge number of secondary particles reach the Earth’s surface. These are mainly muons, which have a weak interaction with matter and are the most penetrating particles, even several hundred meters into the earth and very difficult to register neutrinos. During the lecture, Dr Gorzawski will show their traces and count the quantity.