ECO SA and Science and Technology Park in Opole developing innovative wind panel


Energetyka Cieplna Opolszczyzny SA (ECO SA) in cooperation with the Science and Technology Park in Opole and the winners of the Warm Up Your Business start-up competition are starting design works aimed at preparing an innovative “wind panel”.

A new wind panel consists of vertical rotors mounted on a rectangular frame. When the wind blows, the rotors are set in motion and spinning silently along the vertical axis of rotation. The advantage of the construction is the possibility of mounting it anywhere, it can be, for example, an element of a home fence.

The designed solution has a chance to revolutionize the market of renewable energy installations. Its advantage over other available technologies that use wind power is the ability to produce energy with very light winds. The big advantage of the system is its scalability, easy installation and friendly and safe design. The price of the final product is also attractive.

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