Gdańsk Medical University to receive Grant for Polish-Canadian research


Dr Marcin Gruszecki from the Department of Radiological Informatics and Statistics of the Gdańsk Medical University received a grant as part of the MINIATURE 2 competition announced by the National Science Center.

His research: “The influence of hypoxia on selected parameters of the brain and cardiovascular physiology” will be implemented jointly with Prof. Patrick Neara from the University of Regina in Canada. The aim of the search for scientists will be to obtain 30-minute records of blood pressure, ECG and oxygen saturation in hemoglobin chamber conditions.

Hypoxia causes a number of changes in the brain, including increased perfusion, blood volume, blood-brain barrier permeability, up to a slight cerebral oedema. Better understanding of the interactions between blood pressure, heart and oxygen saturation level will contribute to a deeper understanding of the pathophysiology of high-altitude disease or sleep apnoea syndrome.

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