Gdańsk University of Technology becomes a beneficiary of the offset of helicopters for the Polish Navy


Gdańsk University of Technology has become one of the two beneficiaries of the offset purchase of four AW 101 Merlin helicopters by the Ministry of National Defense of Poland to combat submarines and search and rescue operations in combat conditions.

The Center for Marine Military Technology of the Gdańsk University of Technology and Military Aviation Factory no. 1 in Łódź signed executive agreements from April this year on the offset purchase of four helicopters intended for the Navy Air Brigade on behalf of the Ministry of National Defense.

Gdańsk University of Technology will receive equipment and licenses necessary for servicing sonars integrated with radio-hydroacoustic buoy systems installed on Merlin AW-101 helicopters. In Łódź, the offset element will include the creation of a licensed Helicopter Operation Support Center and the transfer of knowledge and competences (including maintenance, helicopter services and repairs).

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