Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals to establish business relations with the Moroccan Managem Group


Company Innovator, one of the subsidiaries of the Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals, wants to establish cooperation with the Moroccan company Managem Group dealing with the exploitation of deposits in Morocco and other African countries.

The Managem Group exploits deposits of zinc, lead, copper, cobalt, gold and silver. Extracted minerals are enriched and sold as concentrates and precious metals in the form of pure metals.

During the meetings, the partners presented and discussed the research, design and production and commercial competences of both companies. Formal and legal requirements related to the supply of industrial facilities to Morocco were also discussed.

Both companies are interested in establishing multifaceted contacts. Further meetings are planned to better understand each other’s possibilities and problems. The meetings should result in the formulation of a real, long-term cooperation plan.


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