International Scientific Conference “Debuts of Mickiewicz. Debuts of the Romantics” at the University of Bialystok


Under what circumstances did the “Urban Winter” appear- the first piece by Adam Mickiewicz published in 1818 in the Tygodnik Wileński? What were the beginnings of the Romantism poets from Poland, Europe and even America? These are just some of the topics of the conference, which will take place in Białystok from 9 to 10 November.

The conference will take place in the 200th anniversary of the poetic debut of Adam Mickiewicz. The event will inaugurate the cycle of national Mickiewicz Anniversary.

The organizers of the Białystok event are the Department of Philological Studies “East-West” (Faculty of Philology of the University of Bialystok), Polish Academy of Learning and the Podlasie Library.

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