Invention of the scientists of the Medical University receives Gdańsk European patent


The European Patent Office has decided to grant a patent for the invention “Oral vaccine containing the Bacillus subtilis spores and its application to immune against Helicobacter pylori”, The creators of the invention are: Prof. Michał Obuchowski and Dr Krzysztof Hinc from the Department of Molecular Bacteriology at the Medical University of Gdańsk and Prof. Ezio Ricca from the University of Naples.

The use of spores as vaccine carriers represents a new approach to immunization. The proposed solution has a high potential for therapeutic use as a drug in people already infected with Helicobacter pylori.

The beneficial oral form of administration of the vaccine, especially for among children and the elderly people, resistance to low pH prevailing in the stomach and effectiveness of action make the vaccine an interesting solution on the modern pharmacological market.

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