Jewelery of a design student from Koszalin University of Technology to be presented in Milan


Hanna Kowalska’s jewelry will be presented for the second time at the exhibition in Milan. This student of the second year of studies in design will show in Italy two brooches made of textiles and silver.

Kowalska went to Finland in 2016, where she was fascinated by Scandinavian culture and goldsmith’s art. Since then, she has been experimenting using various materials in her work: sand, resin, amber, glass and even moss.

In February, as the only person from Poland, she presented her work at the world jewelry exhibition Artistar Jewels 2019 in Milan. The event was a aprt of the famous Fashion Week. There, she presented two brooches, which she prepared as part of a bachelor’s program at the Koszalin University of Technology. Photos and description of Hanna Kowalska’s jewelry were included in a special album, which was available in bookstores, galleries and branded boutiques.