Lublin University of Social Sciences to hold conference ‘Woman in the Social Sciences and Medical Sciences’


The University of Social Sciences in Lublin is inviting students to participate in the Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference “Woman in the Prism of Social Sciences and Medical Sciences”, which will be held on March 6, 2020 at ul. Zamojska 47 in Lublin.

The purpose of the conference is to exchange views and experiences of specialists in the field of social sciences and medical and health sciences.
In the social science section, the organizers want to discuss three topics: “The role of women in the changing contexts of social life – family, home, work, leisure”, “Women in the arena of public and political life” and “The image of a woman in the mass media”.

In the section on medical and health sciences, participants will focus on two issues: “Woman’s health in various periods of her life – threats, disease entities, preventive actions and programs” and “Beauty, care, body make-up – actions taken by cosmetologists, pharmacologists, dietitians , dermatologists and aesthetic medicine doctors.”