Medical University of Gdańsk organizing a scientific and training conference Nefrooncology 2018


The Department of Nephrology, Transplantology and Internal Diseases of the Medical University of Gdańsk invites participants on 5-6 October to the 1st Scientific and Training Conference Nefrooncology 2018. The plan includes lectures of eminent experts and presentations of clinical cases.

The organizers intend to address the following issues: acute kidney injury / chronic kidney disease in oncological patients in the context of drug side effects and oncological therapies; active oncological treatment in renal replacement therapy patients, including renal transplant patients and renal paraneoplastic syndromes. One of the sessions will also be devoted to tuberous sclerosis.

Nephrologists and oncologists combine the needs of patients and the rapid development of both fields of medicine. The Nephrologist often needs the knowledge and support of an oncologist and vice versa. As daily practice shows, there are many areas where decisions should be made jointly.

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