New interactive campus map of the university created at the Wrocław University of Technology


Agata Kapusta, student of Wrocław University of Science and Technology, has created an interactive campus map of the university as part of her engineering work. There are information about individual buildings and places important for students, like photocopying points or ATMs, and plans for four university’s buildings.

The interactive campus map has been developing for several years by members of the GIS research and development circle in the geoengineering, mining and geology faculties. Its latest version is based on data from previous student projects – after being updated and transformed into the GeoJSON format.

The map consists of 15 grouped thematic layers and two base maps, on which there are campus buildings, libraries, ATMs and photocopier points. In separate views, there are plans for four selected buildings that the user can access from the main map view. Information about objects is displayed in pop-up windows, opened after pointing to the selected object.
Link to the map: