Research centers for cancer and quantum technologies planned in Gdańsk and Warsaw

Government plans to reduce CIT for innovative entrepreneurs

Secure quantum dots

Agreement “Silesia under the blue sky” enters the implementation phase

Cheap and comfortable homes for families

Consolidation of ICT facilities

Program “Loan for technological innovation” is launched

People cannot talk to a hippopotamus

Only zero-emission buses have a future

App for a peaceful old age

PLN 15 million for social innovations

RNA Composer supports the imagination of scientists

Scientific photos wanted

Blind Date with Norwegians on Valentine’s Day

New Polish e-cars expected this year

Swedes prefer Polish perovskite

Agriculture focuses on innovation

Software programmers are the sign of the technological revolution in Poland

Burning garbage in a furnace – watch out for the drone

Rare earth elements are the topic of the victorious Diamond Grant

PLN 45 million for pro-innovative services

Polish cradle of the European satellite

Algorithm versus osteoporosis

Quick and less painful diagnosis of breast cancer

Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) invites for applications from medium-sized cities entrepreneurs

Agreement on cooperation between NCBR and NCN

Robot constructed by AGH students will deliver parcels without obstacles

Polish student app will help blind people

Electronic stethoscope from Poznań

In silico will save millions of laboratory animals