PhD student of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology returned from the mission at Svalbard


Almost four tons of various wastes were collected by participants in the Sorkapp Marine Litter Cleanup project, cleaning a section of the shoreline of the island of Spitsbergen protected by a national park. Jędrzej Górski, a PhD student at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology participated in the expedition.

Six people spent a month on Palffyodden, located at the entrance of the Hornsund Fjord, on the southern part of the island of Spitsbergen. They cleaned a section of the coast within the Sor-Spitsbergen National Park. When they left Poland for Svalbard, they planned to clean up 23 kilometers of land. Ultimately, they managed to take a 15-kilometer section, from where they collected 3.7 tons of garbage.

Project members found fishing nets, ropes and buoys, plastic bottles for cosmetics, detergents and juices, medicine packaging, bulbs and even car wheels on the Svalbard coast. Clearing this part of the Arctic is part of the forScience Foundation’s initiative, possible by funding from the Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund.