Polish Consortium awarded Intelligent Development Prize for composite material for bone reconstruction


Scientific consortium of the Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials, University of Gdańsk, Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Institute of Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine and SensDx S.A. became the laureate of the Polish Intelligent Development Award 2019.

The prize was awarded in the category “Innovative technologies of the future” for the implementation of the project “Multifunctional composite material with antimicrobial and pro-regenerative properties for the reconstruction of bone tissue”. The project was co-financed in the strategic program of scientific research and development works of the National Center for Research and Development.

The aim of the project is to develop and produce a material with biological activity, acting as a material filling the bone defect and forming a matrix for cells, and at the same time supporting the regeneration of damaged tissue. The use of such a biomaterial will speed up the treatment process and eliminate a number of postoperative complications.
More: https://ug.edu.pl/media/aktualnosci/86837/polska_nagroda_inteligentnego_rozwoju_2019

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