Polish scientist receives a grant to develop anti-coronavirus therapy


Dr Marcin Nowotny, head of the Protein Structure Laboratory of the International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw, received the EXSCALATE4CoV grant from the Horizon 2020 program to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Together with 18 partners from the best European institutions, he will participate in the search for effective therapy against SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The EXSCALATE4CoV (E4C) project aims to use the most powerful computing resources currently in Europe to enhance the design of in-silico drugs. The core of the project is Exscalate (EXaSCalesmArtpLatform Against paThogEns), currently the most powerful intelligent supercomputer platform in the world, developed by Dompé.

Exscalate (exscalate.eu) uses a “chemical library” of 500 billion particles, and its processing capacity is over 3 million particles per second.

The EXSCALATE4CoV project is implemented thanks to the activities of the European Commission, which raised additional funds for research on the development, treatment and diagnosis of COVID-19 vaccines. The project will start no later than April 1.

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