Pomeranian Historical League of the University of Szczecin


The third season of the Pomeranian Historical League has begun. The League is a project of the Institute of History and International Relations of the University of Szczecin, with aim to explore the history of Western Pomerania within the history of Poland and Europe.

The third League program will include: a tournament “Western Pomerania in the years 1815-1945”, a historical route, historical debates, interviews with witnesses of history and creating a museum concept. The participants are to prepare their ideas for each event in their localities, and send the results of their works for evaluation.

The organizers will invite the participants to the “face to face” competition with the other participants. The league will end on May 30 next year, when the winners will receive the prizes. The best participants will be also set off for a few days for a scientific trip around historic Pomerania, and the winning school will receive a passing cup.
More: http://plhszczecin.eu/

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