Popular science conference on protective vaccinations


On June 7, 2018, the College of Artes Liberales of the University of Warsaw, is holding a popular science conference titled “220 years of preventive vaccinations- on the anniversary of Edward Jenner’s publication on the vaccination of smallpox”.

Speakers include experts from the Polish Academy of Sciences. Professor Andrzej Karpiński from the Institute of History will deliver a lecture entitled “Fear – epidemics in early modern Europe” and Prof. Anna Nasiłowska-Rek from the Institute of Literary Research will bring closer the issues from the point of view of literature in the lecture “From the plague of Defoe to the plague of Camus: epidemics and literature”. Also, scientists from the Medical Center of Postgraduate Education will present the medical arguments for the necessity of vaccinations. Professor Teresa Jackowska will give a lecture on “Protective vaccinations – facts and myths”, and Dr Janusz Ostrowski will hold lecture: “Hilary Koprowski and polio vaccination”.

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