Poznan scientist examines the wood warblers


Dr Jakub Szymkowiak from the biology department of the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań examined the impact of the wood warbles’ pace of sounding on the defense of its territory and the influence of the presence of other birds on the decision to establish a nest by the wood warbler. The research results of the Poznań scientist were published in leading ornithological and behavioral journals.

In his works, Dr Szymkowiak showed that the pace of singing pace of wood warbler is important for defending its territory. He also showed the relationship between the characteristics of this signal and personality. The Poznan scientist has shown that the voices of other birds can influence the wood warblers’ decisions related to the choice of a nesting place.

Dr. Szymkowiak conducts research in the Wielkopolski National Park, where he is equipped with recording equipment and he can record the voices of birds. He is interested in how animals acquire information about the world, how they make decisions and learn – especially from each other.

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