Poznań scientists to build an observation complex of five modern telescopes


Scientists at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań will search the sky through five modern telescopes. The Sierakowski Landscape Park is an ideal place for such researches. The university received a grant – PLN 3 million for this purchase.

Currently, the university strives to obtain permission to build an observation complex. The whole set of four smaller telescopes and one larger device will be installed in the Sierakowski Landscape Park, 70 km from Poznań.

– This is the Dark Sky Park, where the lights from Poznan do not reach – says Dr Kaminski – However, this is not the final destination, because in time we will want to move. Where? We do not know that yet – says project coordinator, Dr Krzysztof Kamiński.

Dr Kaminski has just returned from Arizona (US), where he visited the observatory where the Polish telescope from the Poznan University is located.

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