Poznan scientists want to print meniscus from fat of patients


Bioprinter 3D, which is located in the Wielkopolska Center of Advanced Technologies in Poznan Morasku, will be used to produce meniscal implants from fat collected from patients. A team of Poznan scientists is working on this solution.

Treatment of meniscal injury consists mainly in the fact that if it is broken, it is cut out, which over time causes degeneration of the knee joint. Other methods used in the world are transplants from a deceased donor or implantation of menisci made of collagen or polyurethane.
The availability of these solutions and their cost make them difficult, whereas the implant of the scientists from Poznań is an autologous transplant – the meniscus, which is really taken from the patient’s body. The cost of producing such a meniscus would also be lower than the previous solutions.
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