Projects of students of Wrocław University of Science and Technology succeed in the Mars Colony Prize competition


Students of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology took high places in the international Mars Colony Prize competition for a housing estate project on the Red Planet. The authors of the “Twardowsky” concept won the second place, and the “Ideacity” project came the fifth. One hundred projects from around the world were evaluated within the competition.

The competition task was to design a self-sufficient Martian colony for a thousand people. The estate should import as few goods from Earth as possible and produce products for export in order to make a living. The city must itself produce food for residents, materials needed for expansion, energy, clothing, vehicles, machinery and all everyday products.

Wroclaw regular and doctoral students participating in the Space is More group and the Off-Road Scientific Club of Vehicles and Mobile Robots with the help of several members from the MOS Scientific Club and the LabDigiFab initiative designed the „Twardowsky” project. The “Ideacity” concept was created by students from the Innspace group.

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