Registration for the Laboratories’ Night of the Medical University of Wroclaw started


Students can sign up for the Laboratories’ Night of the Medical University of Wroclaw.

– On October 20, we will learn the unusual use of plants, see cell cultures, look at the pharmacy recipe, carry out diagnostic tests and isolate our own DNA – announced the organizers.

Not available on a daily basis, the university’s laboratories will be opened in two locations – on the campus of the clinics at Street Chałubińskiego and at the Faculty of Pharmacy with the Department of Medical Analytics. Participants will have the opportunity to hear the lecture of Dr Bożena Karolewicz, head of the Chair and Department of Drug Form Technology, on the subject of modern forms of medicine.

In addition, a series of workshops will be provided concerning methods of determining paternity, bacteria and microworld around, diagnostic tests and natural medicines. Viewers will also be able to visit the University Medical Simulation Center.

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