Research on graphene at the University of Lodz


The team of Prof. Zbigniew Kluska from the Faculty of Applied Physics and Computer Science at the University of Lodz investigates the properties of the electronic structure of the graphene in connections (hybrid systems) with the so-called transition metals like yttrium or zirconium. The experiments will allow to describe the laws and mechanisms governing the transport of electric charges at the nanometer scale. This will open the way to creating a new class of hybrid materials that will be used in new generation of computers.

Graphene is characterized by unusually high strength and flexibility. Its properties create conditions for electric charge carriers to move at very high speeds. Professor Zbigniew Kluska also deals with determining the methods of marking these carriers of electric charge, which will enable them to overcome distances comparable to superconductors.

This makes graphene interesting for applications in spintronics, a new branch of advanced electronics. (Kp)

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