Researcher of the University of Silesia looking for better forms of barley


Dr Agata Daszkowska-Golec from the Department of Genetics of the University of Silesia is looking for forms of barley that are more tolerant to long-term water shortages. The researcher analyzes the mechanisms of action of two genes: CBP20 and ERA1.

Dr Daszkowska-Golec investigates defense mechanisms against drought stress in barley and Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) based on the analysis of their genetic code – I am involved in the identification of genes related to plant response to long-term water deficiencies and how mutations of these genes contribute to improvement tolerance to drought – says the biologist.

Barley, which occupies the fourth place in Poland in terms of cultivated area, is primarily used as fodder and material for the production of malt, flakes, groats or sprouts. Researchers are looking for new, better varieties of this grain, characterized by good fertility and high resistance to stress factors.

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