Researchers from the University of Silesia develop new solution for the pharmaceutical industry


Scientists from the University of Silesia have developed a synthesis method that allows the production of chemically pure polycaprolactone. It is a polymer that degrades naturally over a period of about two years. It demonstrates tissue compliance and can be used in the pharmaceutical and medical industry.

It can be used as a carrier in controlled drug release systems, tissue culture medium in tissue engineering or filling material. Due to the fact that it naturally breaks down in the human body, it can also be used to produce absorbable surgical sutures or shape memory implants, such as clamps for connecting bone fractures or special rods used to treat diseases of the spine.

Due to its interesting properties, it can be also used in industry – as an additive to biodegradable packaging and films, and in combination with starch it can be used to make material from which disposable plates or cups are made.

Medicine and biotechnology