Researchers from the University of Silesia developed a way to clean metal tapes and sheets


Researchers from the University of Silesia, Dr Andrzej Swinarew, Jadwiga Gabor together with a patent attorney Mariusz Grzesiczak developed a method for degreasing and anti- corrosive protection for tapes and sheets made of metals or their alloys. The solution has been patented.

During the production of steel strips, their surface is covered with highly oiling substances, among others due to the necessity of repeated bending of the material.

The new degreasing and anti-corrosion protection method consists of four modules. First, dry technical steam is blown onto the surface of the product at an appropriate angle, then compressed air under high pressure removes possible remaining moisture and solid particles. Dirt is collected by a special scraper collar, and the last stage involves the application of protective substances against corrosion.