Researchers from the University of Silesia developed nanoparticles of copper oxide with biocidal properties


Researchers from the University of Silesia’s physics institute have developed a new method of producing copper oxide nanoparticles with fungicidal and bactericidal properties. The solution has been patented.

Nanoparticles obtained with the method of Dr Jerzy Peszke and Anna Nowak are characterized by high biocidal effectiveness against various microorganisms – fungi, bacteria and algae. They can be used, for example, to protect building ceramics as well as external and internal surfaces of buildings against the development of pathogenic agents.

Their main advantage is a several times longer duration of action in comparison to preparations based on chemical compounds. In addition, their low production cost and ease of application to various types of surfaces allows for its versatile application in the form of powder – says Dr. Jerzy Peszke.

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