Researchers of the University of Gdańsk and the Forest Research Institute to the rescue of the oak alley


The patented biological liquid created by the scientists of the University of Gdańsk and the Forestry Research Institute can save the oak alley at the provincial road near Pelplin attacked by nun moths.

All attempts to save the avenue have been ineffective, and the use of chemicals in close proximity to farms and other vegetation – undesirable. Hence, in cooperation with the Voivodship Roads Authority, with the support of the Marshal’s Office of Pomerania the alley was sprayed with biological liquid.

The applied preparation contains a suspension of the biological pathogenic factor, which often causes massive extermination of caterpillars, which leads to the collapse of the pest gradation. Due to the lack of induction of resistance and high selectivity, as well as complete safety for animals and humans, spraying a biological preparation is an opportunity to save a two-kilometer long alley.

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