Researchers of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology to develop a technology for measuring the adhesion of body surfaces


The project of scientists of the microsystems and photonics department at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology received funding from the Tango 3 program. The team led by Prof. Teodor Gotszalk will develop practical research of a previously developed new technology for measuring the surface adhesion of bodies.

Their research is a part of the base project of the National Center for Science Opus, concerned the metrology of molecular interaction forces using electromagnetically moved microsystem systems – MetMolMEMS. The researchers have developed a new concept for measuring adhesion, which in essence is the sum of the chemical interactions of molecules found on two contact surfaces.

The developed measurement technology – after some modifications – will be able to find application in the production of surfactants, e.g. in the cosmetics industry. This will allow to determine the degree of adhesion, that determines whether the product has stronger or weaker performance.

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