Results of “Innovator of Mazovia” contest


The government of the Mazowieckie voivodeship awarded the most creative scientists and companies of the 10th “Mazovia Innovator” competition.

In the Innovative Young Scientist category, the first prize (PLN 15 thousand) was awarded to Dr Adam Okniński for the work “Selection of parameters and optimization of sounding rockets and their drive units”. The second prize (PLN 12.5 thousand) was awarded to Dr. Wojciech Krauze for the work “Numerical method of phase analysis of biological micro-objects in the optical tomography with limited angular projection”, and the third prize (PLN 10,000) – to Dr. Maciej Trusiak for the work ” Processing and analysis of fringe images using Hilbert-Huang transformation for field optical measurement methods “.

In the Young Innovative Company category, the first prize (PLN 25,000) was received by QuickerSim Ltd for the development of simulation software for thermal and flow processes and consulting services.

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