Scholars of the Gdańsk University of Technology win the national Master of Technology competition


The scholars of the Gdańsk University of Technology have won the nationwide Master of Technology competition in the field of environmental engineering. The Federation Commission of Scientific and Technical Associations NOT awarded the technical solution “Improving the energy consumption of wastewater treatment plants as a result of changing the control system of the aeration process”.

Researchers have developed a universal aeration control system for municipal wastewater treatment plants. Its implementation has allowed to reduce energy consumption of technological systems while obtaining the ecological effect and high efficiency of wastewater treatment. The project implemented in the years 2016-2018 was financed from the funds of the Voivodship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Gdańsk.

The authors of the awarded solution are: Dr Eng. Sylwia Fudala-Książek, Dr Eng. Anna Remiszewska-Skwarek, Dr Eng. Aneta Łuczkiewicz, Eng. Rafał Węglarek, Dr Eng. Ewa Zaborowska and Dr Eng. Marek Chodnicki.

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