Scientist of the Silesian University of Technology found serious errors in the D-link routers


Dr Eng Błażej Adamczyk from the Institute of Informatics of the Silesian University of Technology during his research has detected and published errors in the software of eight models of D-Link routers, allowing for the remote control over them. The discovery is commented in many international portals dealing with network security, and the manufacturer is already developing and implementing patches in the software.

The researcher detected three security errors that together could lead to the takeover of control over routers. Combining them all can allow to execute remote control of any devices.

This means that the hacker can do literally everything with a endangered device – from changing the configuration and the possibility of further attack of the internal network, through using as an intermediary server and building a “botnet” network, and even eavesdropping on network traffic along with registering passwords and redirecting calls.