Scientists from the Gdańsk University of Technology create diamond origami


The team of Prof. Robert Bogdanowicz from the faculty of electronics, telecommunications and computer science at the Gdańsk University of Technology participates in the QUNNA project (QUANTUM-effect-based nanosensing and imaging: Novelglass-diamond photonic approach for the next generation of biodiagnostic applications). Scientists create “diamond origami” – nanoparticles with predefined electrical and optical properties.

The QUNNA project involves the use of nanodevices – microscopic diamond crystals even smaller than viruses – to develop innovative sensors for use in optical and magnetic studies, electronics and medical diagnostics.

The developed technologies will be implemented in the economy, allowing, among others, faster and more precise diagnosis of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. The project has gained over PLN 18 million in funding in the first edition of the Foundation for Polish Science TEAM-NET competition.