Scientists from the University of Gdańsk to detect urinary tract cancer faster


Professor Adam Lesner and Dr Natalia Gruba from the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Gdańsk have developed a quick and non-invasive diagnostic test to detect cancer of the urinary epithelium, commonly referred to as urinary tract cancer.

The proposed method assumes only taking a urine sample. Previous studies on a group of 800 people have brought about 90 percent of effectiveness. The research is carried out with the financial support of the UG Technology Transfer Center as part of the Incubator of Innovation + project. The invention has been patented all over the world, and talks are underway on the implementation of the test.

The diagnostic kit developed by the Gdańsk scientists consists of two components that under the influence of factors secreted by tumor cells present in the bladder, disintegrate and enable their detection. The test’s advantages include ease of carrying it out, diagnostic effectiveness and waiting time for the result (less than 60 minutes).


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