Scientists from Toruń will digitally reconstruct the port sunk for centuries


We will get to know the look and the secrets of the sunken medieval port in Puck, located on the Baltic coast. Journey in time will be provided by scientists from the Department of Underwater Archeology at the Torun University of Nicholas Copernicus. The remains of the port were discovered in the late 1970s.

Information about its most interesting facilities will be provided by the latest digital technologies, including photogrammetry and three-dimensional modeling. They will be used to reconstruct old installations and port buildings- in the virtual reality.
Archaeologists from Toruń, together with the Puck City Office, work under the Virtual Arch grant – Visualize to Valorize 2017-2020 from the EU Interreg program. Eight inaccessible objects were selected for virtual reconstruction in Austria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia and Italy.