Student of the University of Gdańsk becomes a laureate of the Businesswoman of the Year competition


Olga Grudniak, a student at the University of Gdańsk and the president of the Gdynia-based company Biolumo, producing the diagnostic equipment for doctors, becomes one of the jubilee laureates of the 10th Businesswoman of the Year competition.

– I am involved in combining the world of science and business. In business, I am running the Biolumo, a company dealing with the creation of a diagnostic device for the rapid selection of targeted antibiotic therapy for primary care physicians. At the same time I am a biotechnologist, and I have been working in the laboratory on researches aimed at solving the problem of drug resistance of bacteria for 5 years – says Olga Grudniak.

The Biolumo company creates a point-of-care medical device for general medical practitioners to help them prescribe a working antibiotic. This solution is adapted to GP surgeries to diagnose quick (6h), in an automated and inexpensive way.

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