Students of the Wrocław University of Technology to build a solar boat


Students from the “Flow” and “Płomień” research groups operating at the Faculty of Power Engineering and Energetics at the Wrocław University of Technology are developing a solar boat. The composite form of the fuselage is ready, the first buoyancy tests on the Oder will commence soon.

A boat with a length of approx. 5.5 m will be equipped with photovoltaic panels with an area of 6 sq m. The structure will also have hydro-wings, i.e. special bearing flaps, which are mounted under the fuselage. When they acquire the right speed, they cause the hull to rise from the water, thanks to which the resistance decreases and the boat can flow much faster.

The construction is to start in international competitions, which will be held in Monaco in July – the largest and most prestigious event of this type in the world. The event welcomes not only university teams, but also professional constructors. The teams compete in three competitions – acceleration, slalom and races.

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