Students of the Wrocław University of Technology to develop a solar boat for the competition in Monaco


Students of the Wrocław University of Technology are constructing a boat powered by photovoltaic panels, with which they want to take part in international competitions in Monaco. The engine used in the project will have a power of about 5 kW, and the hull is to be made of carbon fiber.

The project involves the construction of a single boat with a length of approx. 5.5 m, equipped with photovoltaic panels and hydrofoils – special bearing flaps mounted under the fuselage. Such solutions are used in hydrofoils, but in the case of solar boats it allows for more efficient use of engine power and panels. After getting the right speed they cause the hull to emerge from the water, thanks to which the resistance decreases and the boat can flow much faster.

The competition in Monaco is the largest and most prestigious event of this type in the world. Students and professional teams of constructors compete in three competitions – acceleration, slalom and races.

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