Students of Wrocław University of Science and Technology took the bronze in the Red Bull flight competition in Gdynia


Students of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology took the third place in the “Red Bull Flight Competition 2019” competition in Gdynia. Their glider flew nearly 18 meters before it fell into the sea.

The competition of 39 teams from all over Poland consisted of several stages. The first was a 30-second artistic performance, which was to go into a smooth start. Then the glider was accelerated on a 30 m long ramp and pushed into the water from the height of six meters. The flight distance was recorded until the machine first came into contact with water.

The “Bulls from the University of Technology” team consisted of students working on a daily basis at the Academic Aviation Club, the Scientific Circle of Vehicles and Mobile Robots and the Scientific Club of Composite Materials. The inspiration for designers of the glider were two planes: the popular F-16 fighter jet and one of the most popular aerobatic aircraft in the world, Zivko Edge 540.

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