Successful performance of robots from the Wrocław University of Technology at the Iron Cup 2019 in Brazil


Seven robots constructed by students from the Robot Science Circle KoNaR competed in Brazil at the Iron Cup competition 2019. Robot solutions from the Wroclaw University of Technology fought in three categories winning gold and silver medals.

In total, nearly 200 robots were shown at the tournament. They competed in several categories: sumo machines fighting, “line followers”, whose task is to overcome the route as soon as possible, as well as in “trekking” and “soccer” categories. The most spectacular form of rivalry was “combat”, or the fight of robots with saws, knives, hammers and pickaxes performed in the closed cage.

Wroclaw students won gold in the “MiniSumo” competition with the Quality robot and silver medal in the “Line Follower” category with the Cheng Shi robot. Their trip to the Iron Cup 2019 competition was possible thanks to grant funding from the program Best of the Top 3.0 funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.