Teleconference “Technological universities help”


The Conference of Vice-Rectors for Education and Student Affairs of Technical Colleges decided to hold a teleconference ” Technological universities help” attended by representatives of the university authorities and Minister of Science and Higher Education Wojciech Murdzek and Deputy Ministers Anna Budzanowska and Wojciech Maksymowicz.

Polish Technological universities have been helping in the fight against coronavirus for many weeks; they have prepared 3D printed protective visors, organized public collections, provided laboratories with hospital equipment, thermal imaging cameras, and also joined the work on the prototype of the respirator.

This difficult time brought extremely valuable stories including scientific research, achievements regarding coronavirus tests, creating visors, sewing masks, gestures of human solidarity like providing medicines, food to the patients, involvement in activities at the social assistance homes, where the situation was critical, sometimes even hopeless – emphasized Minister Murdzek.