The Treatment Center for Drug resistant Epilepsy established in Szczecin


The Department of Developmental Neurology at the University Clinical Center in Gdańsk and the Clinical Department of Pediatric Neurosurgery with the Department of Neurosurgery of the Adults of the “Zdroje” Hospital in Szczecin established the first supraregional Center for the Treatment of Drug Resistant Epilepsy.

Two entities renowned and recognizable in Poland have created a centre that gives patients in Poland the chance to diagnose and treat surgical treatment-resistant epilepsy under the supervision of experienced specialists in conditions that meet the highest standards of care.
Epilepsy is treated mainly pharmacologically, using drugs that in most cases bring the expected results. However, there is a group of patients who are resistant to pharmacological agents, which is particularly dangerous in children. Then it is advisable to quickly implement the surgical treatment, minimizing the effects of epileptic seizures that are destructive to the young body.

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