“Thin-layer photoreactor” project to receive 200,000 PLN funding


Project “Thin-film photoreactor” of Prof. Adriana Zaleska-Medynska from the University of Gdańsk received funding within the Tango 3 competition of the National Center for Research and Development. The budget of the project is 200,000 PLN.

The main goal is to design, develop and test an innovative thin film photoreactor with a photocatalytic layer in the form of nanotubes developed as a mixture of TiO2 with Ag2O and / or Cu2O.

The researchers’ plans include elaborating a concept for the economic use of a photoreactor for the disinfection and water phase treatment processes, carrying out a market analysis that diagnoses the production needs and the use of a photoreactor, receiving a patent and acquiring a partner interested in the production or use of such equipment.

The aim of the Tango competition is to support scientific units that undertake activities related to the practical use of the obtained results of basic research.