Torus Science Park in Ciechanów reopened


The Torus Science Park in Ciechanów was reopened on May 20. Guests can visit both the permanent exhibition and a new part of the ‘The Sound of Science’ exhibition. The new rules for organizing tours are applied due to the pandemic.

Visiting is possible complying with the restrictions resulting from legal provisions and sanitary and epidemiological guidelines.

Persons over 4 years of age staying in the science park must have masks covering their mouths and nose. Each visitor will be equipped with disposable gloves that should be worn throughout the entire visit. The exhibition will be open to 20 people at a time.

In March, just before the outbreak of the epidemic, a new exhibition – The Sound of Science – was opened in the Torus Science Park. Visitors can see new interactive stands on topics related to music and sound physics. They can listen to the rhythm of their heartbeat and examine the relationship between its beats and body movements.