University of Lodz to launch a new project IT Graduate


The University of Lodz (UŁ) is starting a new project IT Graduate. It is addressed to those graduates from this university who would like to retrain.

-We believe that nothing is impossible and that it is worth learning at every stage of life. That is why we have created a project dedicated to 500 graduates of the University of Lodz. What is extremely important, the project takes into account the needs of disabled people and seniors. Our goal is to improve the competence of graduates in the field of IT – explains Prof. Antoni Różalski, rector of the University of Lodz.

All ULA graduates can participate in the courses, regardless of the level of skills or experience, also the people already associated with the IT industry. Weekend courses allows participants to study without having to give up your current obligations. Each path lasts three trimesters during two-day conventions twice a month.

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