University of Silesia to hold the XXXI conference “Acquisition of Second / Foreign Language”


The Institute of English Language at the University of Silesia invites participants to the 31st conference from the series “Second Language / Foreign Language Acquisition”. The title of the conference is “From code-switching to translangaging”. The event will be held from 16 to 18 May in Szczyrk.

Code-switching means a change of language code and translanging, means using the language interchangeably in different contexts of verbal interaction consciously or not, pursuing various communication purposes. They relate both to the situation of natural and class interaction, in which case the teacher interchangeably uses a given language (first or foreign) to achieve specific educational goals.

The program includes workshops for PhD students studying in the field of applied linguistics, as well as meetings and trainings with the participation of editors of prestigious academic journals. The university professors from Austria, Spain, Ireland, Hungary and Great Britain will participate in the conference.

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