University of Torun joins a consortium of ultra-precise atomic clocks


Team of Michał Zawada, Prof. The Nicolaus Copernicus University, from the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science, has joined the European consortium of iqClock, which aims to construct ultra-precise atomic clocks – not only for laboratories, but for general use.

Creating more accurate clocks and reducing their size so that they can be easily transported is the goal set by the iqClock consortium, created by European universities and companies. This is to enable recent advances in the field of quantum mechanics and the combination of know-how in science and industry.

The technology developed by the consortium is to be fully portable, to be used in the satellites at the end of the 10-year program it can be used. This is not an easy process, but the benefits are huge. The new clocks can be used, for example, to increase the accuracy of the navigation system to centimeters, which will revolutionize the way of measuring the Earth.